Our Story

Fitzherbert Discotheques was founded by two teenage brothers, Nick and Ivan Fitzherbert, in 1975 on the eve of the ‘golden age’ of disco music. Having just left Charterhouse school, their clear intention was to create the mobile disco to outdo all others. The Fitzherberts became a regular fixture in London and across the South of England at country house parties, society weddings, hunt balls and birthday, Christmas and New Year celebrations.

After 6 years of success careers in public relations and the law beckoned for Nick and Ivan respectively.

After Freddie and Archie showed a keen interest in their music and the art of DJing in 2009 they saw a great opportunity to draw on their experience and re launch the Fitzherbert Discotheques with a fresh cutting edge. Since the relaunch in August 2009 with the ‘state of the art’ equipment the discotheque has performed at parties in London, 10 different counties in England and across the channel in Nice, France.

Today the DJs also perform in clubs in the UK.